Our Rapid Response Service

Keeping everyone safe and well

Real time response with real people in your home to support you within 30 minutes

  • Safety and security-our rapid response service is available to provide you with emergency, physical, emotional and psychological support in your home just when you need it.  
  • Peace Of Mind knowing that with the push of your personal alarm assistance is on the way to your home within 30 minutes.
  • You are never alone  In addition there is a team of service staff supporting you remotely through your event to ensure you are looked after by the necessary emergency services.

We work collaboratively with our service partners and emergency services to respond to your needs in the best way possible for you. Our experienced staff are there for you during your most vulnerable time. This ensures you are not unecessarily taken to hospital or left vulnerable until the next person visits you.  We assist you with falls, when locked out of your house, when feeling unwell, frightened or overwhelmed, or just to check on your wellbeing.  Our service may be ongoing or short term for example, whilst your family is away.

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